Saturday, October 16, 2010

Life as a family of four

There are lots of new things happening at the moment.

1. Owen is crawling!!!
He is crawling all over the place!! He has discovered that he can go into different rooms in the house he has never really spent any time in before. He loves sitting on the kitchen floor! He doesn't even doing anything in there but sit and look around. . . it is so cute :) Crawling, however, has brought on a whole new set of issues with his NG tube. He does not care if his tube is pulling hard as he crawls. He crawls so far away from his pole that the tube comes out of his nose and the tape rips off his face. Then he cries and I have to put the tube back in again. Sometimes he tries to push the pole along with him as he crawls (picture below lol). He just thinks he is awesome though and loves crawling.

2. Owen pulls himself up to a standing position
He loves to stand and often thinks he can walk lol. He gets frustrated when he can't just walk away from the coffee table he pulled himself up on. We have a pretty high coffee table so its hard for him to get himself up but he finally made it happen :)

3. Still no surgery date for Owen
This is extremely frustrating. I continue to call the surgery scheduler but she is always telling me she does not have a date yet. I hope its soon because I am having to put the NG tube back in at least twice a day, often more. Also, the tape we have to put on his face is tearing his face up. He always has red marks on his face :(

4. Isaiah has thrush and only weighs 9lbs 2oz
Apparently he has had it for a while because his doctor said it was pretty bad. He started the medication yesterday. I didn't even realize he had it. I went to a breastfeeding class and was telling them that breastfeeding was hurting a lot. I told them that it wasn't hurting in the beginning and now it was. They told me that it could be a bacteria infection or it could be thrush. I knew Isaiah had a white tongue but when Owen had a white tongue it wasn't thrush. However, when I looked closer, Isaiah had white on his cheeks too. Anyway, they say it's hard to get rid of but I sure hope it goes away soon.

5. Filling out Applications for rentals
Heath and I have been filling out applications for apartments and houses for rent. We have a promising one. The owners seem to like us. If we get it we would move in November 3rd. However, Heath and I are a little nervouse because the lease is a 1 year lease. We are nervous because we aren't sure where we will be next year. Heath's job at the hospital is ending. There is a long term care center that is hiring all the kitchen people at the hospital. However, they are cutting the pay he gets now and the hours will be different. He is worried that they won't work as well with his second job at OSH. So, it's a little scary to sign a lease not knowing if that job is going to work out or if he is going to have to find another one. Also, Heath and I have been discussing the idea of Heath going back to school next year. If he does go back to school, we may have to move, depending on the major and school he chooses. We have a lot to think about!

6. Visiting Heath's Family Oct 22-24
That's right, we are headed to L.A. next weekend. It's a very short trip but we felt it was neccessary just to visit with the family. Many of Heath's family members have not met me, Owen, or Isaiah. It is time for that to happen lol. We are a little nervous because we know it's vital that Owen stay healthy before his next surgery. However, I think as long as we are careful and smart, Owen will be ok. We will be hanging out with all of Heath's family because his sister from Washington is coming down too. On the 23rd we will be celebrating his Meme's birthday with all the extended family members.

Anyway, lots and lots going on :) but we are having fun!