Friday, October 12, 2012

OLEY Conference June 2012

In June we had an amazing opportunity! I found out that the Oley conference was going to be in California! It was not even a month before the conference so I knew there was no way we would be able to afford the trip plus the expensive hotel bill. However, it was an opportunity I did NOT want to pass up. So, I went to an elder at the Church I attend to see if there was a way the Church could help me or if we could take up a collection. The Church agreed, because we are still looking for a preacher, that this would be a great use of money! Praise God!
Because the conference was in Redondo Beach, I went down a little early to spend some time with Heath's family. Unfortunately, Heath could not take time off work so he couldn't come along on the trip. I was thankful though that his mom was able to come with me to the conference so I would have a little help with the boys :) It was an amazing trip!

Heath's Grandma and Grandpa!

Heath's mom with 6 of the 8 grandkids!

Yay Uncle Howie!

This was our hotel room :) I was so thankful that the hotel had cribs! It was great not to have to worry about packing up pack-n-plays! They also made sure that each hotel room had a refrigerator so that the TPN, Lipids, medications, and formula could be stored safely in each room. I was so impressed with how accomidating the hotel was for having all these TPN dependant children/people in one hotel. It was an amazing experience.

This is a picture of a group of kids at the conference. Owen and Isaiah were pretty excited to be around other kids. I was excited because all of these kids understood the importance of the backpack and many others had one on themselves.

Isaiah was pretty excited about the magic tricks :)

While the kids were having all this fun, I was learning sooo much! It was amazing to be able to talk to other parents, and adults who were on TPN, who understood what I was talking about. I was able to ask questions and gain so much knowledge. They had many different classes. I chose to go to several classes about managing our TPN children, managing line infections, learning about about bacteria overgrowth and how to keep it under control, ect. I am so blessed to have gone. This conference is an amazing even that anyone on home TPN/enteral feeding should consider attending in the future. I hope to be able to go again when they are on the west coast :)