Thursday, August 29, 2013

Isaiah is THREE!

This little boy is THREE! 
You have brought so much joy to our family! 
I just LOVE your smile and your laugh! 
You have grown so much this year! You learn so much each day. I love your determination as you focus on whatever activity you are partaking in. When you seek out to do something, you don't rest until it's accomplished. I can't wait to see where life takes you! 
I am so blessed to be your Mommy, Zeah! 
Never stop hugging me, I just love your hugs

Happy Birthday Precious Boy!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Owen is FOUR!

I cannot believe it has been four years since this little man was born! 

With each year, Owen seems to amaze us more and more. He has overcome so much and surprised us all by doing things we never thought he would. 
With this next year, I can only imagine what wonderful things he will accomplish and what more he will teach us all about life. 
I am so proud of you little man! I hope and pray each day for your future. I pray the most for your health and spiritual well being. With those two things, you will accomplish great things! And we are always by your side.

Thursday, August 15, 2013


We are taking a trip . . .
in THREE days!!

We are very excited about this trip!
Because. . .

We are going to DISNEYLAND!!
We got this package in the mail
 open it up to find an envelope which says, "Your Happier Is Here"
 And all the goodies inside!
 Four 3-day park hopper tickets! (the fourth one is for my mom because Isaiah is still 2 and therefore FREE!) and four meal passes to eat with the characters at Goofy's Kitchen!
We also decided to splurge for the photopass+ so we don't miss a thing!

We will be going on August 18th and are staying through the 21st. I am so excited to be able to take the boys to the happiest place on earth!

Let's Go Have FUN!

This summer has been crazy busy! This is the first summer with ZERO hospital time for Owen. We have taken full advantage of this awesome accomplishement and are having a blast.
We took the kids to . . .
The Fair!
I know! Sounds crazy!
The first thing I think of when I think of the fair. . . germ infested. . . unsanitary . . . dirty
But, it was FUN!
The boys went crazy! And I didn't whip out my hand sanitizer every 2 seconds either!
We went right when it opened and decided to splurge for the unlimited ride pass. We were so hoping the kids would enjoy the rides. The first ride?
Rockin' Tug (picture below)
 We picked this ride because we could go on it with them. I thought that they might like it more if mommy and daddy were having fun with them. I was right. They were a little hesitant at first, especially Isaiah. But, Heath and I were excited and keeping the energy positive. Once it was over, the kids were screaming, AGAIN!

We played all morning long, running from ride to ride. The boys were having so much fun. At around 3pm I could tell they were getting a little tired and cranky. Since we live minutes away, I decided it would be a good idea to go home and take a nap while daddy stayed and watched the destruction derby. Then they would be refreshed and ready to go for round 2. When the kids got up from their nap, Isaiah asked immediately, "Mom! Let's go have FUN!!" as he threw his arms up in the air! It was adorable! He kept saying that over and over until we arrived back at the fair. We ended up staying until closing that day (11pm) and the kids were exhausted but you could tell they had an amazing time.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Family Pictures

We were able to take family pictures at the end of July. I like to get pictures done of our family just before the boys' birthday each year. We were blessed with the opportunity to work with Jodi Mockabee. She is a local photographer and does wonderful work. Here are a few of the moments she captured with our family of four :)

I think they turned out great! There are still a few more! 
. . . but you will have to wait until the boys' birthdays are here :)