Tuesday, June 29, 2010

30 weeks . . . PARTY!!!!

Our Awesome Cake!!!
We decided that we needed to have a party when we got to 30 weeks. We both don't like cake so we got an ice-cream cake instead! yum! It's mint ice cream.
Anyway, we did have a doctor appointment today. It went pretty well. The doctor said that I was just about 2cm dilated but he wasn't too concerned about that. I am having contractions that are more intense but they are less often so I guess it evens out. He is still telling me that I can be walking around and taking care of Owen as I need to.
As for keeping this baby in, he said that I will probably have him within the next month. He doesn't think I will make it to August but I pray that I at least make it to the last week in July. Who knows, maybe I will prove him wrong - I like to be the stubborn one lol. He also said that he is just grateful I was able to make it to 30 weeks because the weeks between 25 and 30 can be the difference between life and death. His words - "every week between now and when the baby is born is gravy" lol . . . what does that even mean???? hahaha
So, for now, Heath and I are having fun with our 30 week party and we will continue to celebrate each day of pregnancy we have left. Here are a few pictures of the fun lol
30 weeks :)
Happy Daddy

crazy mommy

yay - just wonderful

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Time

Today we set up the little pool we bought for Owen. I have been very excited to get him in the water and to start teaching him how to swim lol. Heath filled it up with the hose in the front yard and the water was soooo cold. But, Owen didn't mind. He loved it! Here are a few pictures of the fun :)

Daddy getting ready to dunk Owen for the first time :)

It was such a fun day

Saturday, June 5, 2010

roll over, roll over!

June 22, 2010! Owen rolled over from his tummy to his back :) It was so exciting! I was trying to give him some tummy time because he usually doesn't like it (due to 3 abdominal surgeries I can understand poor kid). He was so mad at me and finally figured it out. It was like he was saying. . . "I don't have to do this anymore haha mom!" I think its going to be harder to make him work on his tummy now.
Today, June 5, 2010 Owen rolled over from back to tummy! He only did it once but hey, that counts right?
We had a follow-up visit with the physical therapy specialist yesterday. About 3 weeks ago a physical therapist came in to evaluate Owen's progress. She found that he was right on track in most areas of his physical condition. There was one area he was about a month behind on but it didn't worry me at all. I knew he could catch up as long as we worked with him daily. He has shown so much progress in the last 3 weeks. . . I am amazed. I was looking back at the report and saw that he could do most of the things she said he was behind on. It was exciting to see that he really was progressing. I am so proud of him.
This is a picture of Owen on his tummy. I think this is himm trying to crawl. When he pushes on his legs his feet go straight up in the air lol. Its so cute :)
More info: I recently joined a wonderful group of moms with Project Sweet Pea. This is a group of moms who "have seen how fragile a child's life can be". I have loved learning about this group and I am very excited to get this project started. The goal these wonderful women set out to do is to "provide gift bags to families in need, and let them know they are not alone". I have been looking for a way to give back and show NICU moms people care and I know this project will help me to do taht. The group is made up of moms all over the U.S. who have had a child in the hospital for one reason or another and they give bags to parents who are going through similar experiences now. I hope to be able to give bags to Oakland Children's Hospital NICU and Doctor's Medical Center NICU. I have been talking to people at both hospitals and it looks like Oakland Children's will be a go for sure. I am still working on a contact through Doctor's Medical Center. Anyway, my project will be called Owen's Miracle. I am meeting with a logo designer on Monday to discuss possible designs for the logo and possible products he would be able to donate to the project! I am so excited!
I will finish this entry with a couple fun pictures. My sister is about to pop out her first baby boy so we took a picture together. I also have a few cute pictures of Owen I just have to share.
My sister on the left - 39 weeks pregnant with baby boy Carson. Me on the right - 26 weeks pregnant with baby boy Isaiah.

Owen had a hard morning with lots of crying so I decided he needed to wear his crabby onsie lol

He is so proud of himself when we help him stand up :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

26 weeks and counting :)

We are now 26 weeks~ yay! We have officially passed Owen's gestational age when he was born. We know that each day is a blessing. It means so much because they grow so much even in a day. I now look at the pictures of Owen. It helps me to see how great it is to be able to hang on to baby Isaiah a little longer. Here is a picture of Owen when he should have been 26 weeks.

I am so thankful we have made it another week. I went to the doctor today and he said I am still dilated. Thankfully no more than I was last week. My doctor will be gone next week but I have an appointment at the birth center. They will hook me up to machines and monitor the baby and I for a couple hours. They will also do a test that somehow shows them if I will go into labor in the next two weeks. Its some kind of hormonal test that is new but prevents me from having to stay in the hospital. My doctor really believes in it and I trust him.

I finally took a couple pregnancy pictures. I feel fat so I don't like to take a lot of pictures but here are a couple.
We are such proud parents :) We just had to take a couple FUN pictures lol

as you can see. . . proud

On another note: Owen is doing sooo great! Each day I get up and still can't believe he is home. He is 9 months old now and has been home for over a month. He loves to stand up (not on his own) his face just gets this cute proud look on his face. He is also getting better at sitting up. Here are a few recent pictures of my awesome little man.
such a serious face :)

standing up with a little help ~ such a proud boy

Auntie Kassidy playing with Owen. He was laughing so hard at her. I think he is excited to be a big brother :)