Tuesday, November 26, 2013


That's right!
Owen is going to preschool!
I am a little late in blogging about this but it simply can't be skipped any longer.
It has certainly not been easy getting him into the right school for him.
When school started, we had him inrolled in at-home preschool. I wanted him in this program mostly because it kept me informed. I was able to get any information I needed from his teacher when she would come once a week. Well, school started in August and he was inrolled in at-home preschool. At his IEP meeting late september, they discussed the options of preschool and it seemed that it might actually be possible for him to attend even with his feeding schedule and his broviac that isn't going away anytime soon. So, we started reseaching all the preschools in town and had one picked out. We started doing transition visits and found the preschool we felt most comfortable with.
We had to fill out a lot of state paperwork to be able to train his teachers to feed him. As of now, they still haven't been approved to bolus him at school. So, since the school day is only 3.5 hours, I have decided to just let him go 2 hours a day. His bolus schedule is every 2 hours so it works out perfectly. I bolus him right before he goes to school and then again after I pick him up. I am hoping that we can get state approval soon so that he can go the whole time. However, for now, I am just so excited he gets to go at all! He is doing great in school! He is learning to make friends and follow directions. He just loves his teachers and is excited to go to school each day.
We are so proud of him!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mickey Birthday

Sorry for the huge delay in blogging about the boys birthday party! I completely forgot after blogging about our exciting disneyland adventures!

I never wanted to do a character themed birthday party. I hate how expensive it can get to buy something wih a certain tv/movie character. Well, my kids love mickey mouse! I just couldn't pick any other theme; especially after going to disneyland this summer!
I googled mickey mouse birthday party ideas and realized I could make it mickey without buying all the crazy expensive things with mickey mouse's face on it :)
I made the invitations just because I love crafting and wanted to make it unique and personal.
Welcome to the Clubhouse!
My mother-in-law was in charge of this sign and it turned out great :) It was on a pole at first but ended up falling off so we just proped it up.


We made sure to add a few personal touches with the pictures we took at disneyland! And, we put their autograph books on display

So, I didn't get a picture of each game out on the lawn but the kids all played goofy's ball toss, mickey's bean bag toss, fishing for donald's ducks, and dig for pluto's bones.

The boys enjoying the sand while looking for pluto's bones.
This balloon was awesome. It was a balloon that walked around! It didn't last long though because I forgot to attach mickey's head to his body :( LOL
Pretty proud of the boys outfits :)
We had so many people show up. These boys are blessed to have so many people in their lives who love them and we are thankful to have so much love and support.


We always love to get a family picture :)
The cake was great and made by a close friend. They boys LOVED when everyone sang happy birthday!

Isaiah clapped when he blew out his candles. . . hehe
This picture is so special to us. This is Janie and Owen. Janie was one of Owen's NICU nurses. She was on staff the morning Owen came out of his emergency surgery in Oakland. She took care of him that morning and ended up being one of his primary nurses. She is simply one of our family members now. I hope Owen will always know her. She helped us every step of his NICU journey. We were so happy she came to Owen's birthday party! It was a long drive for her and we are so glad she made it with her husband. Owen and Isaiah sure were spoiled by Janie and the rest of Owen's NICU nurses this year (and every year). 

Then comes the pinata! I made it myself but don't have a picture of it
The Birthday Boys