Monday, October 3, 2011

Memory Monday - A Child is Born

Lately I have been trying to blog about our life more often. In doing so I searched for other bloggers out there. I found a wonderful blog that I love to read. It is titled Life with Jack. It is a blog written by a mother dedicated to blogging about her miracle child, Jack. Jack was a preemie with his own challenges and uniqueness. In reading her blog, I found that she wrote something called, Flashback Friday. Well, I asked her first, but after her approval I decided to start my own - a little twisted.
Starting today I have dedicated every monday to a memory. A memory of the NICU. Although our time in the NICU is gone, it continues to affect our every day lives. The things that happened in those 247 days were life altering. I would love to dedicate time to remembering where Owen has been and how far he has come.
So . . .
Memory Monday #1
A Child is Born

This picture was taken even before I got to see Owen for the first time. This is my Dad's hand. At this point I was in recovery and dying to see my little man. He was truly a fighter right from the beginning

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  1. This photo is new to me, yet so familiar. That wee hand gripping the monitor wire, the bruised and boiled skin, the tiny-too big diaper. How far our babies have come! Thanks for sharing.