Saturday, September 21, 2013

Disneyland Day 4

Day 4 was a little different. We had planned on letting the kids sleep in but they woke up bright and early at 6:30. So, we ordered room service and let the kids spend early morning time watching Mickey mouse on the iPad.

After breakfast we headed down to the pool. Since we had to check out by 11, we wanted to just spend the morning enjoying the hotel :) the boys had a blast! There were two 4ft deep pools, 2 spas that looked like Mickey and Minnie, and also two watersides. Under the watersides was a little ankle deep area and had a few places where water would shoot out of. The boys had a blast playing in the water and they got to go down the water slides! They had life jackets for the boys available. Since they had to go down the slide by themselves, we had them put one on. I was at the bottom of the slide ready to help them out of the water. 

We spent a couple hours at the pools and then went up to our room to change, get ready for the day, and pack. We called the bell hop and had them keep our things there while we were at the park for the rest of the day. 
Then off to another day at the parks! 

We got on the monorail . . . 

The monorail gets off in tomorrow land right by autopia so we got on! The boys both got to drive! Owen was a terrible driver! Watch out when he turns 16 lol

Then we took a stroll through fantasyland  to ride all the ride the kids wanted to ride again including dumbo and Peter pan. 

After fantasyland we went over to see if we could get on Indiana jones. We knew the kids couldn't but we figured we could do the switch thing again. It was a little tough since it was the hottest and busiest time of day. The kids got super cranky until we rode on the jungle boat tour. They thought it was so fun! Lol
We needed to find a place to cool off. We found a nice restaurant on main street. I wish I could remember the name because it was the perfect spot to cool off and have some good food. 
Then we made our way to toon town because we still needed to meet Minnie!  

Minnie's House! They loved playing around in Minnie's house! Her kitchen was a lot of fun! The oven makes a cake, the dishwasher washes the dishes, etc. Walking outside with the boys was adorable when they realized Minnie was standing right there! They were so excited to see her :)

Other than their super red faces (because of the crazy heat!), I think they are adorable with her :)

We strolled through toon town after meeting Minnie, including another ride on the little roller coaster. The boys really loved that ride. 

After meeting Minnie, we ate lunch in toon town. We hadn't met any characters from toy story yet but we knew they were supposed to be in California adventure until 4:30. So, we put the boys in the stroller and walked over to California adventure. It was a pretty long walk. On the way we saw Donald but realized the boys were sleeping and we wanted them to sleep a little bit so we passed him by. We got to where toy story was supposed to be and we saw Jessi! But, the kids were still asleep! 

Five minutes after we got there, buzz traded places with Jessi! I couldn't decide if we should wake the boys up. We decided to wake them up and Isaiah was so scared!!

Once Owen woke up completely, we got back in line so he could really see Buzz! He was pretty excited! Isaiah was still trying to wake up and was still pretty confused.

We stayed there because one of the workers told us that woody was coming out in a few minutes. By the time woody came out, Isaiah was awake and super excited! He started telling woody all about what we did that day. He told woody that he liked his hat and he wanted one but mommy wouldn't let him buy one LOL! 

I just love how excited they were to see woody! It was adorable!

Then, for our last ride before we had to leave, their favorite toy story shooting ride!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Disneyland Day 3

We started day 3 with a little scare. When I gave Owen a hug in the morning, about 6:30am, I noticed he was warm. He felt like he had a fever. I didn't have a thermometer (at least, I thought I didn't. Turns out I actually did pack one). My mom kissed his forehead and agreed that he was warm but she also noticed that his temples were not warm at all, but regular temperature. She said it could be a fever, but it also might just be a sun burn that didn't turn red. I was relieved but decided to ask the front desk if there was somewhere I could get a thermometer to be sure. It turns out, Disneyland has their own 911 service they call Disney 911. I called and got to talk to a nurse that worked in downtown Disney. She told me I could pick up a thermometer at the hotel gift shop or I could go to the first aid place in Disneyland. Since we were planning to go to Disneyland for magic morning, we got dressed and ready for the day, and headed over there. Turns out his temp was normal, thank God! But Disney was very helpful and we found A convenient place to do a dressing change mid-day if we needed to :)
Now that we knew everyone was healthy, we were ready to start another fun-filled day! 
We went right to fantasyland because we heard that was the place to go for magic morning. It was a great time of day to ride dumbo, the tea cups, and the Alice in Wonderland ride. Isaiah loved that he could control going up and down on dumbo. Owen loved the teacups!

We then got to ride on the train. We rode in the wild animals cage, only firing for our awesome group! 

We had a reservation at Goofy's Kitchen for 9:10 am so we got on the monorail and headed to Goofy's Kitchen for some breakfast. 

Goofys Kitchen was a blast! If you pick just one thing to splurge on during your Disneyland trip, make it Goofys Kitchen! There is a huge buffet with so many choices. Even the pickiest of eaters will find something to eat here. Meeting the characters is so laid back. You get to spend plenty of time with them and you don't have to wait in any line, they come to you! 

The boys were pretty excited to meet chip and dale! I was happy to see them there too because I wasn't sure if we would meet them in the park! 

The boys also got to meet Mulan. I was bummed that they hadn't seen the movie so they had no idea who she was lol. She stayed in character so well and called the boys little warriors. It was adorable. They were so comfortable with her and I think it was because she could talk.

9am and getting birthday cakes already. Because we were planning on a Mickey mouse birthday party and because the its birthdays were so close to this trip, we had them wear birthday buttons. I heard it would make the trip a little more special and that sometimes you get special treatment. Well, it's true! We got these cakes almost every time we sat down to eat! It was a great way to keep the magic going at the happiest place on earth :)

When Chip came to visit us, we happened to be bolus feeding Owen at the time. You could tell Owen was a little embarrassed as he tried to pull his shirt down as far as it would go. Well, Chip did a great job making Owen feel comfortable and he didn't shy away from Owen at all. Owen got some extra time with Chip because he stayed by Owens side until we were done feeding him. I thought it was so special for Owen to have that time. It was great of Chip to care so much. 

After Goofys Kitchen, we headed back to Disneyland on the monorail. Our first ride, It's A Small World. I have to say, Isaiah was not impressed. Owen had a blast though. By the end, he was singing with the rest of us hehe.

We then went on another boat through storybook land. The boys got to sit on the very front of the boat which was a little special touch. 

Then, off to toon town! We first rode the roger rabbit ride, which the boys weren't too impressed with. 

However, they did like exploring through toon town! It's such a fun place for kids to run around and explore. Of course, it is like the hottest place to be in Disneyland. I have no idea why, but it felt about 10 degrees hotter while we were there. 

The boys got to ride on the roller coaster in toon town. . . Another favorite! They had such a blast on that ride! It was fun for the grown ups too! 
After the roller coaster, they wanted to meet Mickey and Minnie. Since Minnie was taking a short break, we got in line for Mickey! Be careful. If the line is outside the doors, you are in for a wait! I had no idea you had to go through so many rooms to meet Mickey. First you go through the living room, another room, laundry room, backyard, barn, movie studio, and movie screening room. Then you finally get to the room where Mickey is. It took longer than expected and the kids were tired. I think they thought it was worth it once they saw Mickey. 

After meeting Mickey, we went back to the hotel room for a nap. The kids actually fell asleep in the stroller on the way there. When we got to the room, I just took off their shoes and shorts to cool them off and let them nap in the stroller. They were soooo tired!
After their nap, it was time to go to California Adventure for our dinner reservations at Ariel's Grotto. 

This place was so cute! You went down a spiral staircase and it felt like you were going into the ocean. The wait staff was very attentive and helpful, answering all our stupid questions about the world of color show. 
The meal started with an appetizer tray which could be refilled.

We got to choose our main course from 4 or 5 different options. I can't remember exactly how many options there were. After the main course, they brought out this tray of deserts along with 3 happy birthday cakes (our third set of birthday cakes that day as we ate a restaurant for lunch that also brought them out lol). We were sooo full!

We had some time before the world of color show at 9 so we walked over to Hollywood land. My mom and Heath decided to go on Hollywood tower of terror while I took the kids to ride the rides in A Bugs Land. We had fun together. I guess hollywood tower of terror really lived up to its name because they both came back totally freaked! I was glad I decided not to go since I am such a scary cat lol. 
After that we headed back to paradise pier because we wanted to buy the boys Mickey ears before our last day in the parks. Then we headed to our reserved section for world of color. Such an Awesome show!!!! I would highly recommend eating at one of the restaurants and getting a reserved spot! It really is something you shouldn't miss!