Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Family Day in Yosemite

Heath's older sister and her family went camping in Yosemite. Since we live so close to Yosemite, we visited with them for the day! The day was filled with fun and wonderful memories that the kids got to share with their cousins. 
Their campsite was just below half dome

 Since Owen is now safe around water, we decided to take the older kiddo's on a river rafting adventure. Five kids, five adults, it worked out great

 Drifting down the river

Such beautiful sites
 At the end of our trip, the kids still wanted to play in the rafts. They each had an ore and were pretending to take their adventure. 
 all while being controlled by Heath and the connecting rope.

 After a lot of playing in the water, we got back to the campsite, got dressed in warm clothes, made dinner, and of course . . . smores!

Monday, June 9, 2014

San Francisco Zoo

The kids and I were sick for a few weeks. We had planned a weekend trip to San Francisco but we had to cancel it. Owen missed his preschool graduation because he was so sick. After we all recovered, we decided to finally take our trip to San Francisco. We took bart and the muni to get to the zoo from our hotel. The kids had a great time! 
Here they are at the entrance to the zoo!
It was a pretty cold day. At home it was 100degrees but in San Francisco it was windy and in the 60s. We were glad to get away from the heat. 

The boys looked through the zoo map while we waited in line to get in. We were also able to see some zebras and giraffes. 

Being groundhogs!

Stopping periodically to feed Owen :) Owen is taking another look at the map to see what's up next. 

Isaiah is making a plan on which path we should take.

There was a family farm area where the kids got to pet some animals and even brush the goats. The kids loved it!

Owen in front of the tigers

Isaiah eating his first dip-n-dots. He loved them. Although Owen loves ice cream, he does not love dip-n-dots! Lol

We had such a great time at the zoo :)

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