Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A New Year, a New Perspective

So, I recently posted about how Owen had not been admitted to a hospital for a full calendar year. We were merely 3 months from making it 2 years. We have learned in the life we live, things often change quickly and we are never in control. We have learned to "go with the flows and simply make the best of any situation we find ourselves in. 
Today the situation changed quickly. One minute I'm dropping both my boys off at school and heading to work, the next minute just enough health concerns are aligned in Owens day to convince the doctor that he needs to be seen. Owen has been struggling with bacteria overgrowth in his gut for about a month now. Intermittent throw up and a lot of diarrhea. Today I contacted the doctor to let her know about his belly distention, extreme amount of gas, and what seemed to be the start of an infection near his gtube site. 
So, in the next minute I'm picking him up from school and heading down the hill to be admitted to the children's hospital. 
Here we are tonight. In a place we spent so many scary nights. So many frustrating and confusing nights. I sit here with a completely new perspective. I'm so thankful for his continued life and mostly healthy body. We have not been in these beds for so long. This place, where I once walked he halls knowing sch and every employee and most frequent parents, I now come to and have to learn new things. Things have changed on this hopsital that is my second home. Owen is still comfortable here but things are not as familiar.
He will have some tests done tomorrow to find out more about what's going on. I will continue to advocate for him and learn this new stage of life we find ourselves in. 

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