Saturday, June 5, 2010

roll over, roll over!

June 22, 2010! Owen rolled over from his tummy to his back :) It was so exciting! I was trying to give him some tummy time because he usually doesn't like it (due to 3 abdominal surgeries I can understand poor kid). He was so mad at me and finally figured it out. It was like he was saying. . . "I don't have to do this anymore haha mom!" I think its going to be harder to make him work on his tummy now.
Today, June 5, 2010 Owen rolled over from back to tummy! He only did it once but hey, that counts right?
We had a follow-up visit with the physical therapy specialist yesterday. About 3 weeks ago a physical therapist came in to evaluate Owen's progress. She found that he was right on track in most areas of his physical condition. There was one area he was about a month behind on but it didn't worry me at all. I knew he could catch up as long as we worked with him daily. He has shown so much progress in the last 3 weeks. . . I am amazed. I was looking back at the report and saw that he could do most of the things she said he was behind on. It was exciting to see that he really was progressing. I am so proud of him.
This is a picture of Owen on his tummy. I think this is himm trying to crawl. When he pushes on his legs his feet go straight up in the air lol. Its so cute :)
More info: I recently joined a wonderful group of moms with Project Sweet Pea. This is a group of moms who "have seen how fragile a child's life can be". I have loved learning about this group and I am very excited to get this project started. The goal these wonderful women set out to do is to "provide gift bags to families in need, and let them know they are not alone". I have been looking for a way to give back and show NICU moms people care and I know this project will help me to do taht. The group is made up of moms all over the U.S. who have had a child in the hospital for one reason or another and they give bags to parents who are going through similar experiences now. I hope to be able to give bags to Oakland Children's Hospital NICU and Doctor's Medical Center NICU. I have been talking to people at both hospitals and it looks like Oakland Children's will be a go for sure. I am still working on a contact through Doctor's Medical Center. Anyway, my project will be called Owen's Miracle. I am meeting with a logo designer on Monday to discuss possible designs for the logo and possible products he would be able to donate to the project! I am so excited!
I will finish this entry with a couple fun pictures. My sister is about to pop out her first baby boy so we took a picture together. I also have a few cute pictures of Owen I just have to share.
My sister on the left - 39 weeks pregnant with baby boy Carson. Me on the right - 26 weeks pregnant with baby boy Isaiah.

Owen had a hard morning with lots of crying so I decided he needed to wear his crabby onsie lol

He is so proud of himself when we help him stand up :)

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