Monday, February 28, 2011

Backpack Backpack, Backpack Backpack

Ever since Owen has been crawling, I have been following him. At first it wasn't too difficult because he didn't want to go too far away from me and he was slow. Well, as time went on it got more and more difficult to follow him with his pump on a pole. My whole life became chasing Owen with a pole. He is such a nosy child and likes to go everywhere. He never sits in one place too long. As my sister's son, Carson, began to crawl, I became very jealous of her. She was able to sit him down on the ground and go about her business. She couldwash dishes, do laundry, go to the bathroom, leave the room for just a second, and not look over her shoulder and worry about how far away Carson was from his original spot. I, however, was not able to do that. I would always be running after Owen to make sure he didn't pull his g-tube out because he was crawling too far away.Well, not anymore!!! With his new backpack I am able to watch him crawl around and not continually stop him from going somewhere just because his pole doesn't fit or because I have something to do in a certain room so he would have to stay with me. Owen is free!!

He is adorable with his backpack on. I don't keep it on him all the time because he does get tired but he doesn't mind having it on most of the time. What a trooper he is!

Owen is my special little man :)

Showing off his new backpack!
Can you believe his pump and his bag of formula fits in there?
so cute

These boys are trouble makers (Carson and Owen)

ready to go!

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