Saturday, June 18, 2011

Swim Lessons

Although Owen is currently in the hospital, I wanted to share what we were doing this past week . . . swimming lessons!
Owen got out of the hospital in early June and was doing great. So, we decided that it would be super great to sign the boys up for a parent and child swim lesson. Although I taught this class for many years, we do not have a pool and I wanted to be able to be with the boys in the pool without having to fight the public crowds during the day. It was so worth the money to be able to play with our boys with only about 10 people in the pool. The class is a 2 week class, each morning for a half an hour. I am hoping to get some sort of refund for Owen since he will obviously be unable to attend the second week.
Anyway, the boys have been great in the water! They just love the pool!! I knew Isaiah would love it because he LOVES his bath and splashes and plays in the water. Owen doesn't really like baths so I was a little worried he would be uncomfortable in the pool. That wasn't the case at all. He really liked the water. I had so much fun trying to teach them to kick, move their arms, blow bubbles, and go under water.
Here are a few pictures of the fun filled week!
Isaiah holding on to the side . . . all by himself!

 Mommy teaching Owen how to kick

Owen is just soo excited!

 Isaiah is having so much fun

Even Grandma had to joing in on the fun!
Isaiah, Kassidy, Carson, Kathleen, and Owen

Family in the pool!

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