Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Little Bit of Summer

Our family hasn't had much of a summer this year. We have spent the bulk of summer apart from each other as Owen has been in the hospital for a majority of it. The other part of summer has been spent recharging and then being sent to the hospital again. We recently had a GI visit that was filled with some not-so-good-news for Owen. Not terrible news but news that has left us feeling stressed, helpless, and worry filled. We are unsure of which direction we are supposed to take. However, I am still processing it and I am not ready to put my thoughts out there.

Our family got a much needed break today. Heath spent the morning working. However, he got off work at 3pm leaving us with time as a family in the afternoon. It was a beautiful day and the kids had a very good nap right before Heath got home. So, we decided it was time to enjoy the outdoors. We took the kids to the park. Neither of them have ever been to a park! Owen doesn't really like outside very much, mainly because he hates grass. It turned out to be a very good afternoon!

Daddy and Isaiah
Heath decided to swing with Isaiah on the 'big kids' swing while we waited for the baby swings to be free. Isaiah was ok at first but then wanted down!

Both of the boys loved the swings! Owen wouldn't get out of it. All he wanted to do was swing. Isaiah wasn't so sure about it at first. Heath and I thought he was going to tip it over and fall out. Luckily, he didn't fall out but there was a point when he almost did. Owen liked to go really high. Heath would stop him by grabbing his legs and then let him go. Owen thought that was so funny!

When we moved onto the jungle gym, the boys first hung out at the very bottom. They kept going up and down that first step. Isaiah was crawling all over the place and it was hard to keep him under control hehe. Owen was more calm but was still very excited.
The Slide
I thought the slide would be an exciting part of the jungle gym. I told Heath to go down the slide with Isaiah. However, Isaiah didn't seem to excited. In fact, when they got to the bottom, he just walked away - not excited at all. Owen was the same way. Go figure - swings are way more exciting then slides

Our Little Explorers
Once they got used to the jungle gym, they were crawling/walking all over the place. It was really hard to keep up with them. There were some parts of the jungle gym that were very dangerous for them. They are not old enough to go on the jungle gym by themselves, but they sure had fun! Before this family outing, I thought I would be able to take the boys to the park by myself. I am glad I didn't attempt that hehe.

The Grass
We already knew Owen didn't like grass and that Isaiah didn't really care either way. We tried to get Owen used to the grass but he just would not let us put him down! I can't blame him - I have never really liked the feel of grass. At his age, my mom said I would cry if I had to sit in grass. Well, Owen is just like his mommy! He spent his time on the bench and Isaiah had fun running, sitting on, and eating the grass lol

All in all, it was a wonderful family afternoon!
I am so happy we finally got to have a nice outing all together

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