Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bath Time

Isaiah is growing up so fast! I wanted to share the sequel of events today . . .

The last couple days he hasn't been eating . . . we were so excited when he finally stuffed his face! He ate toast, a whole egg, and grapes for breakfast. For lunch he ate cheese chunks, a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries and applesause and strawberries.  of couse it was strawberries while wearing a white shirt hehe
 "what's the problem mom?"
 Happy to take a bath! the sink is his favorite place because he gets to play with the faucet!
 "Hey, where did the water go?"
 . . . "hmmmmmm. . . "
 He found a sippy cup yay!
What a cutie! You are growing up too fast little boy! Mommy and Daddy love you :)


  1. Those pictures are ABSOLUTELY adorable!!! I love the one where he is looking up into the faucet!
    I really relate to this post - there are few things as stressful as watching your child not eat well for days at a time. Glad he finally had his fill!
    Do you mind if I link your blog to mine under Preemie friends? I've been following your cuties for the last couple of weeks and hoped I could share them with others by linking.