Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blankets for Christmas

I just have to share beause I am pretty proud of myself :)

First off, I am not very good with a sewing machine. I was looking all over for a way to make blankets without having to sew. Thanks to pinterest, I found a way!

I have made no-sew fleece blankets before by using two pieces of fleece, cutting the edges into strips, and tying the pieces together. These are nice but a little bulky to use for a preemie baby. I was so excited to find this new way of making a fleece blanket!
You only use one piece of fleece and the edges are so simple to make! I have made 16 baby girl blankets in 2 nights! After the boys go to sleep I work on them. So, in about 6 hours I was able to make 16 blankets!
Here are some pics . . .

Which design do you like better? My mom and I are debating it. I like one and she likes the other lol.
 I have enough fabric to make a total of 32 blankets (16 girl and 16 boy) so I only need 68 more blankets!
I have someone that will be donating enough fleece for 24 more blankets! so excited!

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