Monday, November 28, 2011

Memory Monday - All Smiles

Our smooth sailing days
Our first 3 weeks in Oakland were scary, shocking, crazy, sad, and a bit of a blur
All of the sudden, Owen started to turn around.
His kidneys began to work and he peed out the liquid he had been holding in for so long. He was recovering nicely from surgery and things were looking up.
For about a week, his roller coaster was slowing down. We were able to stay accross the street in a house for families that live more than 100miles from the hospital. We were blessed to get a room there the day after Owen's emergent surgery. We were there for our baby all day and all night. I think we barely slept. We were so excited to have a place to relax that was close to our boy. And, Owen was looking so good! They had him back in an iscolette. He was still intubated but they were planning to wean him slowly.
We were all smiles - even Owen was :)

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  1. Wow! This picture has to be one of the best NICU pics I've ever seen. I love it!!