Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Owen's Doc Appointment

I feel like its time for another update about Owen's status currently.
We had a GI appointment yesterday that went great!
I was super nervous about the appointment because his regular doctor was on vacation and Dr. Gleghorn was stepping in for her. Now, if you know me, you know that Dr. Gleghorn scares me! lol
Don't get me wrong, she is an awesome doctor. However, we don't seem to agree a lot of the time and she is a little pushy about her opinion. She is ultimately probably right most of the time but she is just too pushy for
me. I like to take things slow and think and she is very aggressive.
Anyway - here is what's happening now.
1. Owen now weighs 25lbs 5oz! Wow! What a big boy! They calculated Owen's feeding rate and the amount of TPN he gets and found that he is ultimately absorbing 2/3 of the feeding he gets through his g-tube which is great! We would like it to be more obviously, but real progress for him!
2. They are consolidating his TPN! He will no longer get TPN for 12hours! He will now only get TPN for 10hours a day! This is GREAT for Owen! not so great for my schedule. I am still trying to figure out how it will work. Owen sleeps 8pm-8am usually which is perfect for 12hours. It gets a little tricky but I think I will just hope I don't wake him up when I hook him up at 10pm. so excited for this!
3. Owen will have an appointment with a GI doctor at Stanford to get a second opinion on the STEP procedure on December 13th. I am a little nervous about this appointment but excited to talk to a doctor that doesn't know every little thing about Owen.
4. We tentatively scheduled the STEP procedure for next summer. We will obviously be talking about it until then and re-evaluating Owen when the time gets closer.

 Owen is walking, running everywhere! He puts that backpack on and is on his own!
He is really trying to talk. He gets super frustrated when you don't know what he is saying. He knows many words in sign-language including more, all done, please, down, up, thank you, and I love you
Words he can say: Mum (mom), Dad, Ma (Grandma), Ba (Ball), doun (down), my (mine).

Overall, Owen is doing great!
We are so proud of our little miracle!

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  1. Oh it sounds like he is doing great! And I wanted to tell you - now that I know you love the red cups so much, each time I have one, I say a little prayer for you guys <3