Thursday, November 10, 2011

Owen's Miracle for the Holidays

We are a preemie family who know exactly what it feels like to have a baby in the NICU over the holidays.
It is so hard to have a Merry Christmas when you are watching your baby fight for your life.

Owen's Miracle donates to 3 NICUs. Two NICUs in California and one NICU in Oklahoma.

For the holidays we are doing a number of things.
1. We are hoping to donate 100 NICU gift bags between the three NICUs
(picture of items donated in NICU gift bags)
2. We are going to donate Christmas gifts to each family in these three NICUs.
The gifts will include a mini stocking, a disposable camera, and a Baby's First Christmas ornament. If funds allow, we will also include Keys for Santa found here.
3. We will be providing a meal for all families staying in the Family House. We are excited to provide this meal because we remember the many nights at the family house and the many meals we had while staying there as Owen was in the NICU.

To make these things happen we need your help!

 We will soon be announcing a Disposable Camera Drive so stay tuned!

To provide 100 NICU gift bags, here is a list of all the items we still need:

Baby blankets: 99

Stuffed Animals: 88

Handprint kits: 96

Baby Books: 91

Photo Albums: 94

Hair brush/comb: 75

Hand Sanitizer: 96

Toothpaste: 99

Toothbrush: 80

Shampoo: 95

Conditioner: 97

Soap/body wash: 30

Fabric and ribbon for baby eye masks

Disposable Cameras: 100

Puzzle Books: 100

Deoderant: 100

Journals: 45

We are also selling Owen's Miracle Sweatshirts!
Order Before December 10th
For only $30 you will receive a sweatshirt, free shipping, and all proceeds will go to our holiday deliveries!
Aren't they cute!
If you would like to make a monetary donation you may use our paypal donate button at If you do not have a paypal account and would not like to open one, you can email me at
Spread the Word!
Make this Christmas a little brighter!

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