Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Day of Gift Bags and Hospital Stays

On monday our family had a pretty crazy busy day.
Sunday night was filled with worry for Owen. We ended up in the ER because Owen had a fever that started at about 7pm. It was 102 when I checked it. Because he has a broviac, any fever must be closely monitored. If it goes above 101 he has to have a blood culture done to rule out a blood infection. If he is acting ok he can go home after the culture is drawn until the results come back. It takes 72hours for a culture to be officially negative.
So, they drew a blood culture sunday night and let him go home because his temp went down with tylenol and he was acting ok.

Monday I had planned a packing party to put together Owen's Miracle bags with ladies from the Church I attend. Because Owen was acting ok the night before, I decided it was ok to leave him with Heath while I put this packing party together. I knew I wouldn't be gone too long and Heath could get ahold of me if something wasn't right.

Our packing party went great! We were able to put 60 NICU gift bags together and 50 Christmas prensents in just under 2hours! I was so happy to have help. Putting together the gift bags by myself is such a huge task. It was great to have the help and now we are ready to deliver!

After I got home from the party, I found Owen taking a nap. Heath said that he was sleeping for about an hour but started off by falling asleep in his high chair. That had me a little worried. The last time he fell asleep in his high chair, he had a major blood infection. I quickly called Oakland GI department to discuss how Owen is doing. His doctor thought it would be best, because we live so far away, if we just come in so they can monitor him.

Now Owen is in the hospital. They say the earliest day he could go home would beThursday morning if they have not found the source of the temperature. It could very well be that he just has a virus he needs to get over. However, because of the broviac and his history with blood infections, we like to be cautious.
So far nothing has come back positive. They have taken cultures of his urine to check for a UTI, taken blood cultures both out of his broviac and another site (luckily they were able to get the blood with only 1 needle poke!), and they are now checking to see if he has pneumonia. He has had a cough for about a month and they want to rule it out. The lingering cough is worrying them.

Pray for Owen as he goes through all these tests. He is getting older and he is not liking all these new people that want to touch him and poke him.

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