Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our Easter


We colored eggs the night before Easter :)

 We wrote both of the boys' names on an egg but didn't know where those eggs were when we were all done decorating with the crayon so we were surprised by what color they turned out to be  . . . haha

 The baskets were layed out and ready to go when they woke up!
Owen's basket is on the left and Isaiah's basket is on the right

What's inside the basket?

We dressed the boys in their suits and went to Church
They were sooo adorable in their suits!

We had to drop Heath off at work after Church :(
When we got home we took off their vests and ate lunch. They had some fun playing together

And then it was time for some egg hunting! Isaiah was so interrested in it this year! Isaiah was too but he didn't want the plastic eggs, only the real ones :)

"Where's the egg?!"

They are growing up soooo fast!

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