Monday, May 13, 2013

Special Visit

For Mother's Day, Owen's Miracle got to deliver special bracelets to two NICUs. We were so excited to do this for the moms again this year. We decided to make the trip into a special visit day. I text one of owen's NICU primary nurses, who is basically a part of our family now, and asked if she would like to spend the day with us. She said yes! And even invited the other primaries to join us! Some couldn't make it but we were so excited to get to spend some time catching up with Vera and Janie! I can't begin to explain how blessed we are to know these wonderful nurses. But, they are more than nurses to us. They are family. Aunts, second mothers. . . Whatever you want to call them, they are special. Janie was the nurse to take care of Owen the morning after his emergent NEC removal surgery. These nurses have stuck by us, through everything and will always be family.

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