Tuesday, May 25, 2010

25 weeks and Bedrest

Well, yesterday I started having some cramping along with some back pain. I needed to take Owen to the doctor for a test anyway so I decided just to check and see if everything was ok with me. They found that I was having minor contractions which wouldn't be cause for worry if it wasn't for my history. They then did a vaginal exam and discovered that my cervix was dialated 1cm. My doctor was called and he didn't seem too worried. However, he did ask them to put me on bedrest until my appointment on Thursday.

Bedrest is already not fun. It hasn't even been a whole day but I already feel like I am neglecting my family. I also feel bad for my husband who now is doing most of the work, especially at night. Owen isn't too much to handle but with all the medications and constant poopy diapers I feel helpless. I like to be able to take care of things. I find joy in getting as much as I can done in one day. Now I must learn, yet again, about patience. I thought God had taught me all He could about patience with Owen in the hospital. And yet, here I am again, learning that I have a lot to learn about patience.

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