Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gastroenterology Appointment May 21, 2010

Yesterday Owen had his first appointment with the gastroenterology (the doctors that will control his feedings and check on how his intestines are working) since he has left the hospital. He has now been home for 3 weeks so it was exciting to see what they had to say. The nurse practitioner was very surprised to see how well he was doing. She had never met him before but after she read his history, she said she was worried to walk into the appointment.

As she walked in he immediately welcomed her in with his big smile :) As the meeting progressed I realized that all my concerns about his frequent pooping and his spitting up in the mornings was all normal. I write down everything he does each day and she was surprised that I knew exactly how many poops, throw ups, ect. he has had each day lol. I guess I am a little too thorough but it helps me feel more comfortable. I even kept his last poopy diaper and showed her lol. She said it looked great. Also, she was expecting to see diaper rash on his butt but there was none. I am very proud of that because she said she never sees a baby without diaper rash when they have a short guy. yay! They weighed Owen and he now weighs 16lbs!!!! Can you believe it??? 2lbs in 3 weeks!!! He is doing great at home :)

He did have to get some labwork done. He was such a good boy when they poked him with that needle. The little boy in the next room was screaming bloody murder but Owen was just sitting there quietly whining as they stuck him with the needle. It was hard for me to hold him as he was being poked. 1- I hate needles and have a hard time when they are doing it to me 2- he is my baby and it just sucks to watch :(

All in all it was a great meeting and she told me we are doing a great job. We also got to see some of the nurses in the NICU. It was great to see Tess (one of his primary nurses). She held Owen and she was so surprised at how heavy he was. She was so happy to see him doing well at home. She said she was worried they might have sent him home too early but seeing him doing so good made her feel better. I also saw his physical therapists that was amazed at how well he was holding his head up.

I am so proud of him :)

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