Monday, August 30, 2010

Isaiah Arrives!

Well, of course, we have to be just a little complicated. As many of you already know, I was scheduled to have a c-section Monday morning, Aug 30th at 9a.m. It seemed that Isaiah had other plans lol. I was looking forward to having Sunday the 29th to prepare, clean things up around the house, and have one last night with Owen before going in for the c-section on Monday. However, around 4a.m. on Sunday I began to have regular contractions. They continued to get stronger and closer together. So, at about11a.m. I called the birth center just to see what they thought I should do. They told me that the contractions could be caused from being dehydrated. So, I was supposed to drink lots of water and eat something, then call them back in a couple hours.After those two hours, I was still having regular contractions that were just slightly farther apart then before. When I called back the nurse told me just to come in so they could check things out.

When I came in they put me on the monitor and checked my cervix. I was only 2cm dilated and I was having minor contractions. Luckily my regular doctor was on call for the weekend. The nurse said he was already coming in for another patient so he would come and see me when he was done with her. When he came to see me he told me that they would be admitting me and either doing the c-section that night, depending on how labor progresses, or at my scheduled time in the morning. Either way, I was in the hospital until Isaiah was born. He wanted to wait at least 6 hours from the time that I ate so it would have to be after 7 unless it was an emergency. For the next few hours my contractions grew longer and more intense but they didn't seem to do anything to my cervix.They weren't giving me anything for pain because I needed to tell them if the pain was getting worse. By 8p.m. I asked my nurse if I could get something just so I could go to sleep and be ready for the next morning. The doctor said that if he didn't do the c-section then that I would probably go into labor around 3a.m and he didn't want to have to do that. I was going to have the c-section that night instead of waiting until morning.
The nurses began to prepare me for surgery as Heath and I wrapped our minds around the fact that we were about to have our second baby boy!!! All preparations went smoothly and before you knew it I was in the OR. I was so nervous but that all went away once Heath was able to come in and sit by my head. It was such a different feeling then when we had Owen. Instead of sitting there worried about having a baby that would live, we were sitting there so excited to hear the baby when he came out. Before you knew it Isaiah was out and crying loud :)

Isaiah arrived on Aug 29th, 2010 at 9:13p.m. He weighed 9lbs 0.1oz and was 20.5in long. He looks just like Heath lol. We are very proud and excited to take him home! Here are some pics :)

Daddy getting ready to go

still in surgery but seeing Isaiah for the first time

Mommy and baby - still in the OR
Beautiful Baby Boy

9lbs 0.1oz - can you believe he was that big???

big, healthy baby

Daddy "cutting" the cord

Tired mommy and baby
more pictures to come soon. . .

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