Sunday, August 8, 2010

NICU Reunion!!!!!

So, there wasn't actually a NICU reunion but it kinda was for us yesterday. Heath finally had a day off yesterday so we decided to take a trip to Modesto to go to the mall. We really needed to get out of the house and just spend some random time together . . . nothing planned, just doing whatever we felt like at the time. Well, we were just walking around the mall completing some odds and ends before Isaiah is born and we ran into Owen's first friend from the NICU! Her name is Anna. She was born in Modesto 1 day before Owen. They were placed next to each other the day after he was born. She was born at 1lb 4oz and was extremely tiny. Having her right next to Owen was somehow comforting. They were in the same boat and we were going to go through this journey together.

After 2 weeks we came into the room and Anna was gone. We had no idea what had happened and nobody could tell us. Well, a week after that Owen was transferred to Oakland Children's Hosptial. When we got there he went straight into surgery. The next day we came in to see Anna and her parents next to us! Well, Anna was sent home in december and now Owen and Anna are both home doing sooo well! We are blessed :)

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