Saturday, September 11, 2010

Owen's First Birthday Party!

We had a birthday party for Owen on Sept 4th and it went great. Mostly family showed up. We were very excited that Heath's Grandparents were able to come up from West Covina. It was a very low key party because Isaiah was born just 6 days before the party.
Owen had a great time. We gave him a cake all to himself. He has never had anything by mouth other than his neocate formula so it was exciting to see what he would do. He immediately grabbed the cake but did not put it to his mouth. He just played with all the frosting in his hands. He was so excited, he started clapping and got the frosting all over his face. He was so cute! After he started getting bored, Heath decided he was going to put a little bit of the cake in Owen's mouth. Well, Owen did not like that and threw up all over his little cake.
All in all, it was a great party. Owen got lots of cool toys that has kept him occupied this week :)

Owen's first birthday cake

His own little cake

such a happy boy

Deciding what he thinks of the cake

He got it everywhere!

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