Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feeding Tube Awareness Week February 6-12, 2011

The goal of Feeding Tube Awareness Week it to spread awareness and educate as many as possible through Facebook status posts note, twitter, blog posts, email...basically however, you want to spread the word. The topics below are a guide. They will be posted daily on the Facebook Page but also encourage you to use them in your posts to others.
If you do not have a tubie child, but are just a supporter, spreading the word is fantastic!

Feb 6 (Sunday) - Video launch -- The video will focus on building awareness that there are medical reasons for tube feeding. The goal is for as many people to see the video as possible. If you have made or are making your own video, that is great!
TOPIC: Why does your child have a feeding tube?

February 7 (Monday) – Before and After the tubie – post pictures or a photo album
TOPIC: What is the most positive benefit your child has received because of tube feeding?

February 8 (Tuesday) - Addressing misconceptions
TOPIC: What do you want people to know about tube feeding?

February 9 (Wednesday) – CALL TO ACTION – Emailing Sesame Street
TOPIC: How would you like to raise awareness of tube feeding?

February 10 (Thursday) Engaging Friends and Family
TOPIC: GO AHEAD AND ASK ME! What do you want to know about tube feeding that you have been afraid or uncomfortable asking?

February 11 (Friday) – Turning a Negative into a Positive
TOPIC: Describe a negative experience you encountered because of tube feeding and explain how it could have been more positive. What should have happened?

February 12 (Saturday) WRAP UP
TOPIC: Describe a positive experience you have encountered because of tube feeding and what made it positive for you and/or your tubie.

Over the week I will try to post a blog about each of these subjects. I am a busy mommy so please forgive me if the post is up late or early lol. I can't wait to see what people have to say! Spread the word :) feeding tubes save lives!

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