Thursday, February 10, 2011

more and more hospital time

Recently, Owen spent a couple weeks in the hospital. It was a very stressful experience. I think its when we finally realized that this is how we will be living our lives with him for the next few years. It all started with just a little cold. It wasn't bad at all. He had a day or two of a runny nose and a cough. His poops went from 3-6 a day to about 8-15 a day. Overall he was doing ok. After the runny nose and cough went away, he stopped pooping so much. In fact he was only pooping 1-2 times a day. I thought this was a good thing. One night he didn't poop. I usually change a poopy diaper every morning so it was a little concerning. Then he threw up but it wasn't much. I called his pediatrition and left a message. I thought if I could get suppositories for him he would poop and then he would be fine. However, after a few hours Owen threw up again. This throw up was extremely different from the first one. This throw up smelled and looked exactly like his poop. I immediately called his GI doctors in Oakland. They told me to go to the hospital to get a KUB to see what was going on in his intestine. The KUB showed a large amount of poop in his colon. They were worried he might have a blockage or some sort of "kink" in his intestine. They told us it would be best to admit him at Oakland Children's Hospital. After I found someone to watch Isaiah, I headed down to Oakland with Owen.

Owen spent just over 2 weeks in the hospital. They thought that there was a blockage in his intestine at first. After the first couple days they found that he just had a huge amount of poop in his colon. They gave him a suppository and for the next few hours he had huge, almost solid, poops. Now, if you know Owen, you know that solid poop is not a usual thing. He has constant diarrhea due to his short gut. After that, the next 2 weeks were spent getting his feeding rate back to normal with similar poops he was having before he went into the hospital.

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