Thursday, March 31, 2011

Eat Eat Eat

Owen has short gut, therefore did not eat by mouth much since he was born. When he got home he had an NG tube (the tube in his nose) which fed him only a very special formula slowly all throughout the day and night. Since then we have not changed his formula. However, the volume he is getting is more than what it used to be. Unfortunately it is still continuously feeding him.Because he has never really eaten anything by mouth, the doctors were afraid he would have an aversion to eating by mouth. We were told to continue to try to get him to such on a bottle, try things by mouth however we could. When he first got home he was sucking about 5 to 10 ounces by mouth but nothing much. Soon he wouldn't such at all and would gag when you put a bottle in his mouth. As he has grown he has learned what food is. When we would eat, he would crawl over and want some of it. If you gave him something, he would play with it instead of eat it.

A couple months ago he began to eat and swallow yogurt and we were so excited. He would still gag on solids. Well, NOT ANYMORE!! A couple days ago he decided to eat real food and SWALLOW it without gagging! It was like a switch went on and he decided he was done gagging on foods. He has been eating anything we give him lately! He still hates baby food lol. He loves cheerios, bananas, mac n cheese, and toast. These are probably not the best things for him. At our next GI appointment I will have to discuss exactly what he can eat, what will be best for him and his digestive system.

Also, his poops have been getting thicker which means he is absorbing more. He still has a pretty runny poop every once in a while but it is no longer 5-10 times a day!!!!


  1. That's awesome!! Keep it up Owen!

  2. He looks so good! I have only seen him once, when I ran into y'all in Modesto, then again an hour later in Oakdale. We visited, you gave me your card...then I lost the card. Just found it while spring cleaning. I am overjoyed to see Owen looking so happy and healthy! I love your blog!

    My deepest condolences, however, for the loss of Grandpa. I'm so sorry. It sure sounds like the Lord made his passing gentle and a sweet time for the family. One can sense the love and precious tenderness of God's love when reading your post about him.

    God bless your precious family and I look forward to keeping up with ya here. I never forgot about you all, and I always kept praying...just lost the only means I had to connect with you! With card in hand I'm happy to be able to catch up! Blessings! MtnMom

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  4. SOLID FOODS! I didn't know about your website and I didn't know he was eating solids now. I am soooooooooooooooooooo happy! GO OWEN, GO OWEN!