Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Last easter we were still in the hospital with Owen. We were still unsure of when he would be home but we knew it wouldn't be too much longer.
This easter we are just reminded of how blessed we are to have two beautiful baby boys home with us to celebrate the risen Lord.
To celebrate we first colored eggs the monday prior. It was great fun for Kassidy, Matt, Heath, and I lol. The boys are a little too young to really understand what was going on.

Heath and Owen. Owen is having fun coloring

Heath's egg! It says Hill on the other side :)

 Isaiah's egg!

 Owen's egg!

 Owen wanted to play with the eggs! He even broke Isaiah's egg

The pretty eggs!

 On easter sunday we woke the boys up to play with their easter baskets before church.

 The easter baskets!

 Isaiah's Basket

 Owen's Basket

 Owen LOVED the orange eggs :)

 Isaiah was so excited, he just dumped his over

 Isaiah is sooo excited!

These two pictures aren't very good but I had to add them because I think the boys looks sooo similar in these! Don't they?

Owen eating cheerios before church

Next, Heath and I went to church together and then to lunch at Dennys. It was great to spend that time, just the four of us.
Here are a couple pics of the boys in their suits!

 Owen in his suit

 Isaiah wouldn't sit still long enough to get a picture lol

Both my boys!

After lunch we went home and got the kids ready to go to my grandpa's house. Heath had to work and was unable to come with us :(  The boys got to meet a couple more cousins. It was a short time spent with family but we all had fun. Owen didn't feel too well so he did not have any interest in the eggs. You will see in the pictures lol

Owen did not want to get the egg

so grandma had to get it before carson did lol

He really did not care about the egg lol

Isaiah crawled straight to it!

and tried to eat it, shell and all!

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