Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Tough Guy

Owens battle scar :) A few days ago we took a walk. When we got back I put the boys in the house and went back outside to deal with the stroller. Naturally, they both crawled to the door. The door was open but the screen door was closed. My mom was right there so I wasn't really paying attention to them like I should have been. Well, both boys decide that they are going to use the screen door to stand up. However, this screen door doesn't really lock. My mom and I didn't even think about it. So, both boys put their weight on the screen door . . . not good. The screen door opened and both boys came tumling out. There is a good size step from the front door to the porch. I caught Isaiah before he really hit the porch. My mom caught Owen but it was too late. He scratched his head on the porch. Here are a couple pictures of the damage. Poor guy

He was a trooper. Didn't cry when I washed it with soap and water :)

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