Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Medical Supplies all Organized!

Well, Owen has been home with his picc line and TPN for almost 3 weeks now. We are finally getting back to living semi-normal lives. We have all of the supplies all organized, his home health visits worked out, and we are getting to know the new supply company. We now have two medical supply companies. Option 1 Nutrition delivers all of Owen's equipment needed for his g-tube and formula feedings. We get formula, g-tube, g-tube extensions, formula bags, and a couple medications that are put into his feeds. We get these deliveries once a month and are used to them.
The TPN supplies is delivered once a week - every friday. We get 3 boxes each week.
Here are the contents of the boxes:

We get 7 bags of TPN, 7 batteries for the pump, a new pump each week for the changes they make according to the labs taken each week, 10 syringes with needles, 10 needles, 15 saline flushes, 8 heparine locks,7 lines to connect the TPN, alcohol preps, gloves, 7 days worth of ranitidine, and 7 days worth of multivitamin.

Here is all the supplies organized in our back bathroom! We transformed our back bathroom into a medical supply room lol. The top shelf has boxes of formula, extra chucks, formula bags, and farrel valve bags. The second shelf has boxes filled with g-tube extrentions, gauze, button covers, saline bottles, extra syringes, all dressing change supplies for the picc line, a sharps container, biopatches, line extenders, caps, picc covers for Owen's arm, and hubs. The third shelf has boxes filled with extra sterile gloves, heparin locks, saline flushes, picc tubes, 10ml syringes with needles, and blood tubes for blood draws. On the left of the refrigerator there is a trash can for easy clean up :) On top of the refrigerator is a box of all of Owen's medications he takes up to 4 times a day. Inside the refrigerator there are the TPN bags, multivitamin, ranitidine, and the rest of his meds that need to be refrigerated.

This is the shelf next to Owen's bed. On the top shelf we keep gloves, alcohol preps, batteries for the tpn pump, and the tpn pump. On the second shelf we keep wipes, diapers, and bathing wipes for the many mornings he wakes up with a poopy bed. The third shelf is where we keep his oxygen pump (used for giving him the steroid (pulmicort) for his lungs each night). The bottom of this shelf unit is more shelves with a door. We keep his extra g-tubes, albuterol, and pulmicort (two medications) there. Not pictured is his IV pole. We keep it next to his bed and put his feeding pump and tpn pump there each night.

We are so happy to finally have everything organized. I am getting more comfortable with all of the changes.

A little story in the life of a mom with a baby with a picc line:
I have learned that I don't really trust our home health nurse. So, I told her that I would prefer to do Owen's picc dressing changes each week (they come every tuesday morning to do the dressing change and blood draws). She still comes to help because I need someone to hold Owen down while I change the dressing. Well, yesterday was tuesday and the nurse came to change his dressing. It went very well and I am getting more comfortable with the dressing changes. Later last night my mom and I were cleaning out the cabinets in the kitchen because they are being redone. Owen was sitting in his high chair. My mom looks over at him and sees him pulling OFF his dressing!!!! It was so scary! If we didn't catch him, he could have pulled out his picc line! NOT GOOD! My mom and I ended up having to change his dressing all over again.
2 dressing changes in 1 day = no fun for mommy!!!

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