Monday, August 29, 2011

Isaiah is ONE!

This day last year we were blessed with a 39weeker! Our healthy baby boy arrived at 9:13pm. That makes him exactly one year, one day, and 10 minutes younger than Owen. He came out healthy and beautiful! We were so happy to have a beautiful little boy that would get to come home with us without spending any time in the hospital. We are truly blessed.
Isaiah means "salvation from God." God delivered Isaiah away from harm as he blessed us with 39 weeks of pregnancy! His name is so appropriate for his little life.
Isaiah is such a happy little boy. He has some crazy energy and won't stay still but we love it! He is full of life and full of joy! He completes our family and brings so much happiness to our lives.
We love you Zay Zay!

a year of pictures

Happy 1st Birthday Crazy Boy!
We Love You!

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