Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to my amazing 2 year old!

Today is Owen's 2nd Birthday! I can't belive it has been two years. . . what a whirlwind! We were so unprepared on that day. Looking back I think, how stupid! Of course those back pains I was having all week were contractions! But you don't think like that, especially at 25 weeks pregnant. August 28, 2009 was a scary day, happy day, emotional day. We are so blessed that Owen made it. He is such a strong little guy and we are so thankful.

His journey has certainly not been easy. It will continue to be an uphill battle for Owen. But, today is not about that uphill battle. Today is about this precious MIRACLE! We are so proud of you little man! Today we celebrate life, Owen's Life! He is such a precious little boy and he deserves to celebrate life and live in each moment!
month by month . . .

Happy Birthday Owen
You Are 2!

10 Things I LOVE about Owen
1. I love your smile
Your smile is infectious! When you smile, everyone around you smiles! You bring joy to everyone who meets you. We are blessed to know you
2. I love your expressive personality
You wear your emotion on your sleave already. You are good at showing everyone just what you think or feel. Even people who are just meeting you can understand what you want and what you are thinking! Even though you don't talk with words, we all know you can communicate! hehe
3. I love your kisses
Your kisses are so precious! You love your family and you are not afraid to show it! When I ask for a kiss, I love how your eyes light up as you tilt your head up and lean forward . . . and you refuse to go the whole way! You make us all earn your kisses ;)
4. I love that you can be happy wherever you are
You have been in the hospital the majority of your little life. However, you don't let that get you down. You are happy no matter what. In the hospital, not even 1 minute after a nurse is done poking you, you can go right back to laughing and playing with your mommy. You let us know that nothing can get you down and you make the best of every situation! You may not know it, but you lift mommy up whenever she is bummed you are in the hospital again :)
5. I love that you HATE grass!
I think it is hallarious how you have reacted to grass! Mommy hated grass as a child and can sympathize with you each time you scream when the grass touches you at all. You are CLEAR about what you like and what you don't and I love it!
6. I love how quickly you catch on
Not even a week of our new routine with TPN and you have got it down! You take off the arm sleeve right when mommy starts to mix the TPN. Then you pretend to scrub the hub. Not only that, you dance to the song in your head that you know I will sing when I start to scrub the hub! We know that you know whats going on . . . there is no denying!
7. I love when you dance
You dance whenever you hear music. You love to dance and you have taught your brother to do the same! hehe
8. I love that you love to sing in church
You may not love to sit through the sermon but you participate through all the songs we sing each week! You sit on the bench holding your song book and watch the song leader. You then begin waving your arm like the song leader does and sing! You don't really like when the song is done and you scream. Everyone laughs and you love to be the center of attention so you continue singing. What a ham!
9. I love how you play with your little brother
It is clear, your brother can get on your nerves! I often find you hitting him because he has been a bully to you for the last time! He takes your toy and you are NOT happy! But, you still love him. You share with him, you try to feed, him, you pet his head, you try to pick him up, and you kiss him :)
10. Most of all, I LOVE that you are here with me and daddy!
Thank you Owen, for filling our lives with joy, laughter, and sometimes, even tears!

We Love You Little Man!

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  1. Owen is so beautiful! Happy 2nd Birthday, miracle boy!