Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Facebook Remembers

Does anyone find it creepy how much information we put on facebook? I know I put way too much about myself on the internet but it really is my way of communicating with family, friends, and sharing my family with them. Well, I never realized this before but, sometimes when you go onto facebook and are looking at a specific status, picture, ect. it will give you links to random status updates, pictures, or comments on the right hand side.
Today I realized that one of these links is titled, "On this Day in 2009". Well, 2009 was the year Owen was born. Facebook brought to my attention a status that I wrote on Sept 14th 2009. Here is what I wrote,
"our little baby Owen is back to his birth weight yay! However, its probably just because he can't poop. poor guy . . . he's all backed up. Tomorrow they will find out why. Other than that he seems to be doing well. He just needs to keep on growing :)"
On this day 2 years ago, I was excited. Excited for weight gain. I didn't see the signs. I was clueless. The words that stick out in my mind in this status are he can't poop. The words that really started it all. Brought us to the world Owen lives in today. It amazes me - this simple statement I wrote so innocently 2 years ago flashes RED at me today. He couldn't poop. He couldn't poop because he had a disease called Necrotizing Enterocolitis. A disease that the doctor said would go away on its own and that we shouldn't worry. Little did we know that 5 days from me writing this statement on facebook, Owen would be in an OR fighting for his life. We would be sitting in a waiting room listening to doctors tell us they will do what they can but that we should prepare for Owen to never come out. This all started with just three little words I was so naive about back then.
Thank you facebook for reminding me of the important things in life. I cannot change the past - even though I want to so badly sometimes (just to educate myself a little more - maybe I would have faught harder for the docs to transfer him). Today I am thankful and reminded that it could have been worse for Owen. He is with us, he is growing, he is learning - getting smarter every day, he is happy. I am so thankful that my little boy can poop! And I hope his pooping improves as he grows to someday be able to live without all the tubes.
I guess this was just a little trip down memory lane for me.

On this Day 2009

(my engagement rign on his arm)

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  1. Darn it! I had this whole comment typed out and Google wouldn't let me sign in as me :( I wanted to tell you that I have a whole love/hate relationship with facebook. But that I am so amazed at Owen and what a miracle boy he is. And that last pic with the ring around his arm is amazing.