Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Portland with Friends

After college, many of my friends stayed in Portland. Heath and I wanted to stay in Portland but thought it would be good for us to save up money before Owen was born, so we moved in with my mom. Well, you know the rest - Owen was born and we stayed in California.
Anyway, during our vacation we got to see many friends we have missed so much in the last two years. It was just like old times!

First . . .

we had to go to Applebees. This Applebees was not far from the college and I had many fun nights wirht friends at this place. I can remember some nights just filled with laughter. I also had many late nights studying at this Applebees. Great times

Next . . .
We simply had to go to Powell's Books. This store was always a place filled with adventure! It is such a big bookstore with such an interresting floor plan. If you have never been, you must go!

Finally . . .
What's a day in Portland without Flying Pie Pizza? It is wonderful! My best friend Stephanie had never been?!?!?! She was my friend all through college and I never took her! Shame on me! I had to make up for the time lost and show her the wonderfullness that is Flying Pie hehe

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