Sunday, October 9, 2011

Doernbecher Children's Hospital

Doernbecher Children's Hospital is a children's hospital connected to OHSU hospital in Portland, OR.

Before going on vacation we checked into this hospital to make sure it would be appropriate if Owen needed a hospital while we were in Portland. We first asked his GI doctor if there was a good GI team in Portland that would be able to make quick decisions if something needed to be done fast. She assured us that the GI team was great! She even worked with the leading GI doctor. The leading GI doctor actually worked at Oakland Children's Hospital before moving to Portland to work. . . It was meant to be! We were so excited to hear that the GI team was a good one (also because we would really like to move back to Portland someday).

Well, the night we were packing to leave early next morning, we found that Owen had a fever of 102. Any fever over 101 should be checked out by a doctor when you have a picc line. So, off we went to Doernbechers at 10pm. They ended up taking blood cultures and let us go because he was looking good, The next morning the doctor called and said his cultures came back positve for gram negative rods. Back to the ER we went so that they could admit him.

I was pretty nervous to be admitted to a new hospital because we were without the nurses and doctors I have grown so comfortable around. However, the doctors listened to my every word and knew that Owen had a long history. The doctors contacted Owen's GI docs in Oakland to discuss any plans to be made for Owen. They first got a list of the antibiotics they had tried with Owens previous blood infections and were able to start one they thought would cover most anything that might grow in the cultures. Luckily, they picked an antibiotic that the bacteria couldn't fight against.
Owen was only in Doernbecher's for 7 days. Thankfully his cultures were negative the second day so all he had to do was stay to finish out his course of antibiotics. It was a pretty nice visit since we had a private room with a shower and a bathroom. Also, visitors were able to stay as long as they wanted so we got to spend a little extra time with friends and family.

Owen loves to "play doctor". He is always asking the doctors for their stethescope. So, we bought him his own! He loves to wear it while the nurses and doctors are in the room :)

 This is an example of what happens when an IV is no longer working. Owen went through 11 IVs during his 7days. Poor guy just doesn't have the best veins

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  1. I love how positive you make your experiences. Most parents would be freaking out!