Monday, October 10, 2011

Memory Monday - CPAP

This little baby, a little fighter, on CPAP at just 2 days old
Before Owen was born we were told that we would not hear crying and that Owen would probably be on a ventilator for weeks, maybe even a month. However, our little fighter cried one little cry as he was lifted from my uterus. They then rushed to intubate him. The point is he cried! His 25weeker lungs, that had no time for steroid shots while in the womb, were strong enough to cry! We were very happy parents. By day 2 of Owen's life he was on CPAP. Back then I had no idea how exciting that is, now I know! A 25 weeker being on CPAP day 2 of life is a miracle. And that is exactly what Owen is . . .
a miracle

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