Monday, January 30, 2012

Just Hanging Out

This past Saturday was a pretty good day. The boys slept all night so I was able to sleep for the first time in over a month! I slept in until 8am and I was soo excited!

My mom and I decided we needed to take a trip down the hill to see my Grandpa and to do some shopping.
The weather was so nice! Can you believe it was sunny and over 60degrees? in January? wow!
We went to lunch, had a nice drive down the hill, went to JCPenney's to drop off Heath's wedding ring to be fixed, and then headed off to my Grandpa's house.

My Grandpa is getting older but he loves to watch his grandkids play. They had a lot of fun. I brought my camera along because I intended to take some pictures with the boys and Great Grandpa. However, he wasn't feeling good so I just got some shots of the boys playing :)

A quick stop at Day-O (the boys love it! and its my favorite coffee shop!)

Isaiah amazed by the light overhead

Owen wanted to climb on the coffee table so bad!

But playing under it was the only option :)

Trying to get all of us in one shot hehe

This is the face Owen now gives us when we ask him to smile

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  1. Oh I love your pictures! And SO glad you got some sleep :)