Friday, March 30, 2012


I have to appologize for being MIA for over a month now. I realize, after reading my last few posts, that I left in a pretty rotten spot in our lives. I guess I owe you all a little catch-up on what has been going on since my last posts.

Owen had a pretty scary hospitalization last month. My head was not in a good place and Owen was extremely sick. He was fighting a terrible infection and his body was taking a beating. Amazingly, once they removed his broviac, the infection was cleared quickly with antibiotics. It showed us that the infection was clearly growing in the broviac and probably had been for several months. They were able to place a new broviac after only 4 days. He came home soon after that on antibiotics.

Since Owen's last hospitalization, Heath and I have been trying to get our life back on track. We have had a very personal and very emotional month. The roller coaster we ride on is never ending but we are learning to cope with the aches, pains, and nausia that come along with riding a roller coaster that doesn't stop. Our family life is starting to slow down and feel a little more "normal". This blog is usually my escape, my place to talk about our struggles and daily battles. However, the past month I couldn't really understand my own throughts and feelings. We have been through a lot and I thank everyone who reads for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

I am now back to the swing of things and will be blogging more regularly again. Stay tuned . . . my blog post tomorrow will include some pretty cute pictures!

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  1. I am so thankful Owen is better! And I'm glad things are slowing back down to normal for you and your family!