Saturday, March 31, 2012

Park Days!

Park days are here! The boys are in love with the park! The week after it snowed here we went to the park every day. Its a great way to spend the day! We had a nice weather day yesterday so I took them to the park. They are older now and love to run and play. Its also a nice place for them to be able to play with other kids.

Owen is searching for what he wants to go play on first!
(side note - don't you love the hat?!? He refused to get dressed without it lol)

Isaiah knew just what to do - climb to the top!

. . . and slide down the biggest slide they have!

 Happy Boy!

Owen at the top of the slide! 

And on to the swings!

and on to more climbing! Isaiah loves to climb!

Owen came up to me and said, "Cheese!" and smiled just like this :) Does that mean I use the camera too much? hehe

The boys throwing a ball together! There were many kids their age and they were all throwing this ball to eachother! It was so cute to see

 More climbing :)

They totally did this on their own! Im so happy I caught it!

How cute is this kid?!?

We had a great time at the park. I have a feeling this is what our whole summer will look like. . . and I couldn't be happier about it. I am so blessed to have two boys that love to play!

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  1. They are so, so adorable! I've really missed your blogging.