Monday, April 23, 2012

Memory Monday - Meeting Auntie

The NICU has a strick policy about visitors (which I actually appreciated). In the first month Owen was at Oakland Children's Hospital they allowed any visitors to come into the NICU but only 2 at the bedside at a time. I ended up spending too much time in the waiting room. Not that I didn't want others to visit my son, however, I didn't want it to cost me my time with him. At that time he was still very small and we didn't know if he would make it through.
After Owen's first month there, because of the swine flu, they cut down the visitor policy to 3. Only 3 people could be on the visitor list. No switching names once you decide who comes in. So, Heath and I decided it would be the 2 of us, obviously, and my mom. My mom made the most sense. Heath's parents lived in LA which was much too far for them to travel all the time. We knew that we would probably need my mom the most since she was the nurse and would be able to come almost every weekend (which she did for 8 months).
To get to the point, other family members were not allowed in. Nobody would be able to meet Owen until he was out of the NICU. Well, my sister visited home while she was on Christmas break from school and so badly wanted to meet Owen. By that time he had been in the hospital for 4 months. She was not allowed in the NICU. However, she did get to see him through the door window. I went in and held him up for him to see her :)
They ended up scheduling Owen's re-connection surgery while she was home. We knew that he would have to be wheeled out of the NICU and into the OR. So, my sister sat in the hallway, waiting for him to go to surgery. When they wheeled him by they stopped so she could kiss him! It was soo special, a wonderful moment :)

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