Monday, December 17, 2012

Memory Monday - 6 month photo shoot

In February 2010, Owen was 6 months old. His nurse helped me put some together a mini photo shoot in his crib with a old car seat. We covered it with blankets to make a little backdrop type thing. These pictures represent sooo much. Owen had just survived the unimaginable. He had his bowel re-connection surgery in the beginning of January, got RSV 3 days later, was horribly sick. He required the oscillator and having seizures. When he finially kicked the illness and was looking better, he got parainfluenza which put him back into deep water. We were so worried for our little guy. He just kept getting sick and his immune system was not stong enough to fight it all off.
However, this little trooper sustained it all and kept fighting for life. Look at that beautiful face! Just two weeks after recovering from the flu and he looks so happy!

We decided to put a hat on him to cover up his ugly picc line in his head :)

In the middle of the photo shoot Owen decided to rip out his NG tube (which wasn't feeding him anything at the time, but instead, draining his stomach because he was still sick). So, we got a couple shots of his clean face!

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