Monday, December 3, 2012

Memory Monday - the surprising normal

These pictures were all taken in November 2009. Owen was three months old. He was just over 3lbs. At this point, the NICU was starting to feel like our normal. We had a routine. I was living in the family house across the street. Every morning was get up, take a shower, pack my bag, grab a pop-tart (for breakfast lol), and run over to see this little guy.
I was there all day. Holding him, reading to him, taking (LOTS) of pictures of him, singing to him, the list goes on. Time for lunch - head to the cafeteria and bring it to the waiting room. I didn't like to eat in the cafeteria because kids anyone could go there. There were many families that would eat lunch there after havign an outpatient apointment across the street. I would often cry watching them just be a family. So, the PICU/NICU waiting room suited me better. I would eat and head back into the NICU. Stay there until dinner, eat, go back into the NICU. I was there often times until late, late into the night. I liked to make sure to stay until shift change. It made me feel better to know each nurse taking care of him. So, there until midnight or so and then back to the family house. Only to repeat the same schedule all over the next day. Again and again
amd again.
Did it get tiring?
Mentally, physically, emotionally
But it was our normal. We lived it. Every day.
And look at this cutie!
Who wouldn't want to sit and stare at him all day, every day, for 8 months?

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