Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Elf on the Shelf

Yes. yes, we are sucked in. Well, at least I am. My boys could care less. I am hoping that, since we have introduced them to the Elf this year, that maybe next year they will understand more about it and be excited. There are many opinions on Elf on the Shelf. Naughty or nice list? santa? God? Jesus? Does it all fit? How do you make it a fun tradition and keep that little kid dreaming and believing without making it seem like a lie. I don't know. When I was little I believed in Santa . . . and God. I never made the connection. "Santa isn't real so God must not be real!" That never occured to me. I don't see it as an issue but it seems to be a main topic for many when I say I want my kids to believe in Santa.

Personally, I love Christmas. I love everything about it. I love making traditions to be passed down for generations. I love Santa, I love family togetherness, I love the music, I love the overall merriment you are aloud to show on a daily basis. I love having a huge smile on my face as I shop, saying as I pass those around me and say "Merry Christmas!" It's magical to me and I want my kids to always have that magical feeling. I don't think it's wrong to believe in Santa or have wonderful traditions. However, I am hoping that it is just simple, merry, magical, and fun for my kids as they grow up.

For now, the Elf on the Shelf is not interresting to my boys, Santa is a scary man mommy makes them sit with and take a picture with, the Christmas tree is a new thing in their living room they get to crawl around and play with, and mommy gives us lots of hot chocolate while she gets starbucks carmel brulee lattes often. I hope soon they will see and feel the magic of Christmas. Until then, The Elf on the Shelf will continue to stick around.

 Our Elf :) When you get your Elf, you are supposed to name him. Well, my kids don't name things yet. I really want to name him Ferdinand but I resist. I am hoping the kids will be able to name him next year :)

Elf played with legos the first night. As you can see below, the kids went straight to him. However, they were really just interested in playing with the legos lol!

Elf hanging out in the Christmas tree :) Notice one of my favorite ornaments next to him - Owen's "first Christmas home" ornament. 2010 was the first Christmas home for both Owen and Isaiah :)

Elf looking at our family Christmas card :) he's awesome! lol

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