Saturday, September 7, 2013

Disneyland Day 1

Finally getting around to posting about our Disneyland trip!
It was such an amazing trip! It was more than I could have ever hoped for. 
Planning on this trip was essential. I have been reading blogs, reading the website, asking our Disneyland travel advisor, and calling to confirm a million things for about a month or two to make sure this trip ran smoothly. 
So, Sunday, we got up early, stopped for church while on the road, and were able to get to the Disneyland Hotel by 3pm! 

The hotel was nothing short of magical. As we walked in, Goofy came walking in. It was so special to see Goofy just walking around like just another friend. It really brought the magic of "staying in Mickey's house", like we told the kids, to life. The boys were a little nervous to see Goofy at first. Owen wouldn't even go talk to him.

However, Isaiah wasn't afraid to tell Goofy we weren't there to see him, but his friend Mickey instead. LOL it was so cute to watch him explain to Goofy that Mickey was the one Isaiah wanted to see. So innocent!

All staff working at the disneyland resort are upbeat, happy, ready to answer your every question. Even the signs were full of cheer and happiness.

Tea cup chairs in the lobby were a great distraction as we waited to get checked in.

We got to see Goofy outside on our way to our hotel room. The boys had warmed up to him and we were able to take a cute picture before heading to our room.

Our room was located in Adventure Tower. 

We were pretty excited about finally arriving and heading up in the elevator! The mirrors were even magical!

We had birthday cakes in treasure chests waiting for the boys when we arrived, mickey and minnie cookies, and mickey shaped rice crispy treats dipped in chocolate! . . . The magic continues

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