Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Disneyland Day 2

Our second day at the resort we started using our 3-day park hopper tickets. Since we stayed at the Disneyland hotel, we were able to take advantage of the magic morning at each park. Magic morning is where the park opens for hotel guests and certain others an hour earlier. On Monday's, Wednesday's, and Fridays, California Adventure opens early. On Tuesday's, Thursday's, and Saturday's Disneyland opens early. Since it was a Monday, we spent the morning at California Adventure. 

Here is a picture of the boys at the front entrance to California Adventure.

You turn right and the first ride you come to is the soaring over California ride. Well, at the time we thought the boys were too small to ride (only Isaiah turned out to be too small), so my mom and Heath went on the ride while the boys and I searched for something else. We found Ariel's Adventure so decided to hop on. Well, it was a pretty dark ride and my boys hadn't seen the movie. Isaiah hated it! I found ways to keep Owen positive but by the end of the ride, Isaiah was in full blown tears lol. What a way to start off the magical Disneyland trip haha. 

When my mom and Heath found us, my mom took over with the boys so I could go on the same ride with Heath. While she was in control, she happened across a toy story ride. There was no line so they hopped on. Isaiah LOVED it. Once we met up again, Isaiah was full of excitement! He wanted to go again! Well, I had forgotten to go to city hall to talk to them about a guest assistance pass (GAP) for Owen. So, we had to go back so that we would have it when we needed it. After we got the GAP we headed back to the shooting game Isaiah couldn't stop talking about. Along the way, we saw Pluto! By now, the boys were no longer afraid of the characters. Goofy had warmed them up the day before :)
They were both very excited to see Pluto (or Twotoe as they call him)!

We also found a photo pass photographer to take a quick picture of all of us next the fountain up front :)

Then off to the toy story shooting game. This ride had virtually no line because of magic morning the first time. This time, already a 30min wait. We were thankful to be able to use our GAP, get on the ride, and still have time to get to breakfast.
A little side note: I felt extremely guilty about using the guest assistance pass at first. I mean, look at Owen. A perfectly happy, able bodied kid. However, I started thinking about all the work it takes behind the scenes. The extra medical supplies packed, the constant stopping for his next bolus feed, the hotel trip in the middle of the day to get extra broviac dressing supplies because he is sweating so much that his dressing just falls off, and I realized that it is ok to check one thing (standing in line) off our list of must dos. I am so thankful that Disneyland recognizes that life for some is not always easy, and gives them a little extra support. It was a huge blessing to our trip.

So, here are some pics from the toy story shooting ride :)

After the Toy Story ride we headed over to cars land. We heard it gets pretty busy there because it's new so we wanted to take a look before the crowds were too big. 

I have to say, cars land is amazing. It looks seriously just like the movie! I was very impressed. First, we were hungry so we stopped in at flo's 8 cafe. The prices were pretty reasonable, especially the kids menu. 

We ate outside next to a fill up station. It was so adorable there!

After breakfast it was time for another ride. We decided on Mater's tractors. Isaiah was so excited! He got to ride with  mommy and daddy and we tried not to squish him when the ride started lol. This ride turned out to be another one of our favorites. 

We then went to Luigi's flying tires. I have to say, not a ride I would want to stand in line for. It wasn't that fun. The kids loved getting on the tires but that was about it. 

After riding the rides, we got to meet some characters! Mater and McQueen to be exact! From far away, the boys were excited. However, when we got up close, they were a little scared. The cars were real and made a lot of noise that the boys didn't like so much. However, we were able to get pictures 

After meeting the cars, we went over to Hollywood land for the Disney Jr. Show. Before the show we rode the monsters inc. ride. On our way to the Disney Jr. Show the boys got to meet Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. The boys were soooo excited! They just love Jake!

The Disney jr. Live on stage show is kind of like a puppet show with all the Disney Jr. Shows working together. Before the show they had all the birthdays go to the front of the room o sing happy birthday to them. We had the boys go up and Owen ran right up on stage! Scary since there are trapped doors on the stage! One of the workers practically took off his pants to reach him and get him down. She said she had never seen a kid get that far on stage! Of course it would be Owen! LOL! The show was pretty lame in my opinion. We were near the back of the room and the characters were so small, the boys could barely see them most of the time. The kids enjoyed it anyway and I enjoyed listening to all the parents singing along to the songs we all listen to every day in our living rooms, especially the Dads :)

We went back to cars land to ride the new racers ride. My mom took the boys to A Bugs Land while Heath and I rode. Then Heath took the kids while mom and I rode. When we met back up it was clear the boys needed to go back to the hotel for a nap. It was perfect timing. We got back and the boys were able to take an hour and a half nap. We had dinner reservations at the restaurant inside of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. We got there and had to wait a little before we were seated. It was pretty dark at the tables and Isaiah was scared. He said he was scared of the dark, the noises and he didn't want to eat there. He didn't eat anything, not even the bread. He had to sit on my lap most of the time and was in and out of crying lol. Other than Isaiah's bad mood, the food was great :)
After eating there, we decided to go on the ride. Owen had a great time watching all the pirates but Isaiah was scared the whole time. He made it through though :)
A picture of Isaiah and Daddy in line for Pirates of the Caribbean. 

After the scary dark ride, we had to get the boys on a light-hearted, fun ride. We found the buzz light year ride in tomorrow land so we got on it! Isaiah loved it just like the toy story one in the other park. However, this ride was more geared for older kids in my opinion. And, I thought the other one was more fun. Although the other ride is also a newer ride. Then we headed over to the Finding Nemo ride. Owen was sooo excited to see Nemo and Dori! 
After the Nemo ride, we headed over to get a spot to watch the fireworks! 
Our little family waiting to see the fireworks :)

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