Wednesday, August 6, 2014

First Family Camping Trip: Day 3

Day three was no different in the morning. The boys got up very early and we headed out of the tent to the bathroom. Breakfast went a little quicker and we headed out to the North Grove trail right away for a nice hike.

If you know our children, you probably know that our boys love maps. Before the hike, we stopped by the visitors center and picked up our maps of the trail so the boys could lead us!

Owen leading the group through the trail. . . 

The boys were happy to be able to walk through the tree!

Owen hugging a tree!

Life with a feeding tube equals lots of time stopping to feed :) We don't mind, and he stays happy!

This was the Abraham Lincoln tree. We read all the stories of the trees and Isaiah said, "I want to name a tree!" He eventually picked a tree and named it toothless (after the dragon movie of course! lol)

Mother of the Forest 

Father of the forest - we were able to walk through the tree

The Stump

After our hike (which took about 2.5hours), we went back to our campsite for lunch and then headed back out to the spot along the stanislaus river we found the first afternoon we spent at the park. 
Isn't it just beautiful?

We ended the day with bike riding, dinner, fire, and roasting some marshmallows. 

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