Monday, November 3, 2014

Pirate Birthday Bash!

My boys are now 4 and 5 years old! 

I cannot believe how big they are getting. For their birthday this year we decided to create a pirate party since they are so in love with Jake and the Neverland Pirates. 

For the invitation I made a pirate treasure chest. Originally it was supposed to open and have the information inside. However, I couldn't cut it big enough to fit the information inside so I decided just to tape the information on the back. I bought some washi tape to make it cute :)

I made a pretty simple cake this year. I thought the flag on top was so cute!

When guests arrived, they were first able to grab some snacks. 
We had pirate ships (jello and an orange), fish and chips (goldfish and Doritos), and pirate jewels (fruit salad). 

Once everyone arrived, we started the treasure hunt. I made each child a treasure map. We started at the pirate ship and went through all the games to get to the treasure. 

The first stop was the punch box which had an eye patch and a neclace for each kid. Some of the holes had gold dabloons in them! 
The second stop was captain hooks ring toss. After that game, they got a pirate hat.

The next stop was the sand where they got to dig for treasure. There we had little buckets for the kids to be able to keep their treasure in. We had gold coins, jewels with candy in them, and necklaces.

The next stop on the map was the tattoo parlor. The kids got to pick out temporary tattoos and put them on! They loved this and most of the kids picked more than one. 

We next had pirate ship races. I made mini pirate ships out of pool noodles. They even had little flags. The kids took turns blowing their boats to the other end of the water. This was very fun to watch. The little kids ended up playing in the water the rest of the day since it was so hot. 

The last step was to walk the plank to find the treasure!

Treasure! It was a treasure box pinata!



These boys loved dressing up like pirates!

Happy Birthday Boys! We love you!

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