Tuesday, November 4, 2014


The boys started school on August 20th!
This whole thing is very surreal. I am not ready to let them go, but they are so excited about school. 

We had a meet the teacher night with Owen's kindergarten teacher a few days before school started. The kids were introduced to their new classroom. He had a great time and was so happy to find his name around the room. 


For the first day of school, we asked both boys what they wanted to be when they grow up. Isaiah's answer was the best, "bigger mom! just like you and daddy". Owen was more focused on his halloween outfit and said "a red power ranger". 

Their first days of school went great! I dropped Isaiah off and Heath dropped Owen off for the first day. Isaiah was very excited to find his name on the attendance, his cubby, and on the breakfast table. He even sat on the letter I on the rug during circle time. It was hard to leave but he was doing so great and he was definitely ready for me to leave. 

Owen's first day of school also went great. He was already used to the classroom and was very excited to learn his alphabet. When I picked him up, he wouldn't stop talking about his day. It was pretty adorable. 

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